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Jeanneau Yachts

Born of two fundamental requirements, the Jeanneau Yacht Models J55, J60 and J65 combine technical excellence and well-honed design. These agile, comfortable, refined, and well-balanced sailboats will take you on spur-of-the-moment escapes from the everyday or on longer voyages. Unique, unforgettable experiences will unfold, surrounded by the magic of the sea. 

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Jeanneau 55

Length Overall: 16.93 M / 55’7″
Hull Length: 16.09 M / 52’9″
Hull Beam: 4.99 M / 16’4″
Displacement: 18542 KG / 40878 LBS

Jeanneau 60

Length Overall: 18.28 M / 59’12”
Hull Length: 17.41 M / 57’1″
Hull Beam: 5.2 M / 17’1″
Displacement: 20170 KG / 44467 LBS

Jeanneau 65

Length Overall: 20.7 M / 67’11”
Hull Length: 19.55 M / 64’2″
Hull Beam: 5.2 M / 17’1″
Displacement: 20170 KG / 44467 LBS


Comfortable and high-performance, Sun Odyssey models range from 34 to 49 ft. and invite all those who love the wind and the sea to share moments of pure happiness on the water. The quality of life on board, clean and elegant design, innovation, safety, and ease of handling make

this a perfect sailboat for cruising with friends and family, and for making your first voyages at sea.

Jeanneau 349

Length Overall:10.34 M / 33’11”
Hull Length:9.97 M / 32’9″
Hull Beam: 3.44 M / 11’3″
Displacement: 5340 KG / 11773 Lbs
Standard Keel Draught: 1.98 M / 6’6″

Jeanneau 380

Length Overall: 11.22 M 36’10”
Hull Length: 10.77 M / 35’4″

Jeanneau 410

Length Overall: 12.35 m / 40’6″
Hull Length: 11.99 m / 39’4″
Hull Beam: 3.99 m / 13’1″
Displacement: 7900 kg / 17417 Lbs

Jeanneau 440

Length Overall: 13.39 M / 43’11”
Hull Length: 12.64 M / 41’6″
Hull Beam: 4.29 M / 14’1″
Displacement: 8561 KG / 18874 Lbs

Jeanneau 490

Length Overall: 14.42 M / 47’4″
Hull Length: 14 M / 45’11”
Hull Beam: 4.49 M / 14’9″
Displacement: 11290 KG / 24890 Lbs

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Ed Khalilu

Jeanneau 54

I wanted to thank you for the remarkable support and expertise you provided throughout the
entire selling process of my sailboat. Your attention to detail, great negotiating skills, and personalized service made me feel confident in getting my boat sold.

Teddy & Julie


Julie and I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your unwavering support and dedication throughout our journey of buying a yacht. Your expertise and commitment to ensuring we found the perfect vessel for our needs were truly remarkable. We are now the proud owner of our dream catamaran, and I have McNally Yacht Sales to thank for it. Here’s to many memorable voyages ahead!

Jim Davis

Boat Selling

Ellison Premier Marine Service and McNally Yacht Sales has great customer service, maintenance and sales support. I moved my cruiser from Illinois to Florida in 2016 and Scott Ellison serviced my cruiser for 6 years. Scott and his team continually exceeded my expectations maintaining my boat.  I would highly recommend using Ellison Premier Marine Service and McNally Yacht Sales for maintaining and/or selling your boat.

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