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Boat Financing Options

Financing with McNally Yacht Sales

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McNally Yacht Sales -Financing

We use Lending Associates who specializes in boats loans. Most loans are between
5-15 years with 20% down. Give us a call and we can put you in touch with Grant,
our guy at Lending Associates.

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Boat Financing
Frequently Asked Questions

What are my financing options when purchasing a boat?

Many lenders, 5-15 year loans, Our go-to guy is Grant at Lending Associates.

Normally you need 20% down and rates vary.

How you use your credit, market timing, etc. It is best to not sell your house or
quit your job before you secure a loan, as you will typically get a better rate and have a smoother experience.


We typically see 20% down.

Yes, reach out to your tax person for more information.

Yes, if your loan allows it. 

Call your loan officer and discuss a payment extension plan.

Yes, most loans allow that.

Yes, some lenders allow that.

See What Fellow New Boat Owners are Saying About Our Yachts for Sale Services

Ed Khalily

Jeanneau 54

I wanted to thank you for the remarkable support and expertise you provided throughout the
entire selling process of my sailboat. Your attention to detail, great negotiating skills, and personalized service made me feel confident in getting my boat sold.

Teddy & Julie


Julie and I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your unwavering support and dedication throughout our journey of buying a yacht. Your expertise and commitment to ensuring we found the perfect vessel for our needs were truly remarkable. We are now the proud owner of our dream catamaran, and I have McNally Yacht Sales to thank for it. Here’s to many memorable voyages ahead!

Jim Davis

Boat Selling

Ellison Premier Marine Service and McNally Yacht Sales has great customer service, maintenance and sales support. I moved my cruiser from Illinois to Florida in 2016 and Scott Ellison serviced my cruiser for 6 years. Scott and his team continually exceeded my expectations maintaining my boat.  I would highly recommend using Ellison Premier Marine Service and McNally Yacht Sales for maintaining and/or selling your boat.

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